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Proactive Operation and Public Awareness

As a result of Covid 19 on more than just an economic level, industries across Australia and the world are facing new challenges from regulatory bodies, and the public. The public is increasingly apprehensive about their safety, and regulators are still cautious of opening up the economy.

From a business standpoint, organizations are running the risk of losing trust from their consumers, if there were an outbreak on an organizations premises and among their staff. It’s crucial that your organization, whether it’s a hotel, airline or any other consumer generated business, proactively instill trust in the consumer base, instead of re-actively attempting to restore trust.

Proactive business operations that combine integrated processes, products and technology with public relations and public awareness of these new strategies, will promote a consumer base that believes in your organization to keep them safe.

That’s why Lewis & Grey is collaborating with suppliers to provide comprehensive solutions to both insure your consumers safety, and generate public awareness of the steps your taking. With solutions that are being used by the Australian Department of Health, the UK NHS, the US Army, Boeing and various hospitals around the globe, trust will become your foremost advantage. 

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Our Public Relations Results 

Our team members have garnered over 54 million views in the past 3,  you've most likely seen or heard one of our stories. in news outlets like Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 10, 2GB,  Daily Telegraph, Channel 7 news and many other organisations.  Having worked in our sister company, our team is now  fully integrated into Lewis & Grey International.

We've achieved this success by cultivating strong relationships between our team and journalists across Australia. 

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Our Public Relations Advantage


Journalist connections Internationally

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