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PPE Solutions for Organisations

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Quick points about our suppliers

Across the World

Delivery by ground, sea or air for your products.

Customization in production

On large orders, specific production requests can be made through our suppliers.
*Customization is limited by manufacturing ability.

Government referenced

Government regulated and referenced solutions.
*Products approved by specific Government Jurisdictions.
Government regulatory approvals available upon request.

Streamlined Procurement

Our streamlined processes clarify information and offer vital solutions with faster operation

Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing designed to bring value and quality 

Procurement Process 

Our processes our designed for efficiency and to save you time.  Each organisation will have a different process that best suits them. We are skilled at working with a variety of different processes. Below is an example of how our processes can help you. 

Initial contact


A Lewis & Grey Representative will answer your initial questions while over the phone or via email and formulate an initial information package to be sent to you. 

Initial information package sent

Normally within 24 hours 

Your Initial information package will be sent including information about which suppliers may well suit your needs. This package will also include the information you've requested and gives you the opportunity to review, approve or ask further questions.  

*Optional* Further questions answered

Normally within 24 Hours

A team member will respond to any further questions you have and provide you with the option to receive samples of the products. We will also work through any of your option requests. 

*Optional* Samples provided

Normally within 5 business days
*delivery can take longer depending on your location and other factors

Available samples will be sent to you. We then encourage you to review to your satisfaction and proceed when you are comfortable. 

Pricing, payment and order terms discussed 

A Lewis & Grey representative will contact you and review and discuss arrangements available. Government entities may be eligible to receive specific arrangements. 

Liaison and coordinate with supplier logistical management team member  

Our team will connect you with the logistics member(s) at the suppliers, where you can discuss the logistics and shipping preferences. Options for QA and QC will be discussed. 

 Pricing, payment and order terms finalized

Our team at will review the pricing, order and payment terms with our supplier(s). Once the terms are agreed to by both parties, we will notify you. 

Supplier payment received

Payment is received by the relevant supplier(s) under the agreed terms. 

Order sent to your desired location

 After your PPE is ready, our suppliers will ship your order. You will be advise of shipping details. 


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Warriewood, NSW, 2102, AU

Australian Company Number: 640 688 786

Proprietary Limited Company

*Lewis & Grey International is a solution sourcing company, we do not manufacture, deliver, or have control over the manufacturing or service processes of any of our suppliers. All payment from purchasers of any of our suppliers products and or services, will be payed direct to the supplier from the purchaser. Lewis & Grey International does not assume any liability for our suppliers products and or services.